How Much Does Private Security Cost UK?

Hiring Private Security can be a wise move if you assess yourself, your family or organisation to be at risk of threats. So, How Much Does It Cost? Let's Find Out.

Cost Factors When Hiring Private Security

The cost factors involved when hiring private security are typically the same with each close protection agency. We offer bespoke private security, Making it tough to provide a one price fits all close protection service.

The cost of hiring private security is understandably a concern that demands curiosity. However, We greatly advise you to show concern towards how the private security company you choose will fulfil your security needs first and foremost. Making your decision solely on cost may leave you in a dangerous situation.

Private Security is a highly variable field with each operation being different in one way or more. Here at Sextant Group, It's vital for us to listen to the needs of potential clients to assess their security needs for ourselves. It's important to provide as much detail on your security concerns as possible during your consultation with your close protection consultants.

The main cost factors involved are the threats facing the client or principle and If the client has experienced a history of threats. These factors will always have an effect on cost. The factors above influence the level of security required and therefore carry influence in the costs when hiring private security in the UK.

How Much Private Security Costs

Common costs for hiring Private Security in the United Kingdom are between £400-£800 Per Day. This amounts to an hourly cost roughly between £33-£66 based on a 12 Hour Day.

As we do here at Sextant Group, Most companies will charge Per Day for their close protection services.

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