International Travel Safety Tips For 2022

We’re living in troubling times even more so when it comes to travel. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a wonderful holiday.

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Kevin Thompson
May 2, 2022
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As a Security Agency managing risk is at our core. We believe it’s our responsibility to share our knowledge on travel to help you explore the world safely. That's why in this article we are sharing essential international travel safety tips.

  1. FCO Website

When travelling to a new country it’s essential to check if anything is happening that might negatively affect you on your travels. The FCO Website is a great resource for travel advice when visiting a new country.

It provides useful information such as entry requirements, local laws & customs, natural disasters & terrorism. To reduce risk we first have to understand the possibilities, We see this website as an evergreen resource for budding travellers and is a must-read before embarking on your journey.

  1. Situational Awareness

This means closely monitoring what’s going on around you. When in a foreign environment it’s essential to be aware. Avoid getting carried away on your mobile phone when roaming the streets, Many countries around the world have extremely high levels of theft even in daylight.

Tourists can be targets, particularly when holding an expensive smartphone, So it’s best to keep your head up when roaming around.

  1. Spare Mobile Phone

Being without your phone in an unfamiliar environment can be daunting, particularly for younger travellers. Having a spare mobile phone with a local sim card partnered with a list of emergency contacts on a piece of paper is very useful to have in an emergency situation.

We recommend using a mobile phone that is durable and inexpensive boasting long battery life.

  1. Don't Be Flash

This statement doesn’t apply everywhere in the world however should be remembered when in low GDP countries. It can be really easy to dress how you would normally without realising this could draw unwanted attention from the wrong people.

In a number of countries, tourists wearing items that may be seen as the “norm” in their home country can be seen as “flash. This may lead to you being robbed or worse.

  1. Data Blockers & WIFI

Don't be casual when connecting to unknown networks, Hackers can steal your information via Public WIFI. We recommend using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) when you're in need of public internet access. This will limit a hacker's ability to steal your sensitive information.

In a similar light, Charging points, commonly in airports have become yet another prime method of stealing travellers' sensitive data. When you're charging your phone use a data blocker. This will protect you from pesky hackers.

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