How Much Does a Close Protection Officer Earn UK

If You're Wondering "How Much Does a Close Protection Officer Earn In The UK?" You're In The Right Place To Find The Answer. Let's Find Out!

Before The Wages, What Qualifications Do You Need To Be a Bodyguard In The UK?

To be a Bodyguard in the UK, You'll need to:

  • Be 18+ Years Old
  • Have Solid Fitness Levels
  • Pass Magnified Background Checks
  • Hold a First Aid Certificate (Such as RTACC)
  • Hold a Full Driving License
  • Hold a SIA License

If you don't currently hold an SIA License & are interested in becoming a Bodyguard in the UK, We recommend enrolling on an SIA Close Protection Course.

Let's Talk Numbers, The Close Protection Officer Salary

How much a Close Protection Officer earns is down to a number of reasons however the most influential aspect in the close protection officer salary on offer will be due to the risk involved in the operation. Close Protection Officers commonly referred to as Bodyguards will understandably earn more money on operations which involve high levels of risk such as deployments in hostile environments.

  • Bodyguards on low risk operations in their home country can expect to earn between £150-300 Per Day.
  • Bodyguards on medium risk operations based overseas can expect to earn between £300-£400 Per Day.
  • Bodyguards on high risk operations can expect to earn £400+ Per Day.

From the figures above it's easy to see why so many Men & Women are registering their interest for close protection courses.

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