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Considering a Career In Close Protection? Maybe You're Wondering Is Close Protection a Good Career? In This Summary, We Give You The Low Down On Close Protection Jobs.

Is Close Protection a Good Career?

Close Protection can be a highly demanding & competitive career requiring high levels of dedication. It also has perks such as a great salary & exciting travel opportunities.

Close Protection is a popular career choice for former military & police personnel however can be an excellent career choice for many other Men & Women that are willing to input the dedication required to succeed providing they have successfully completed close protection training.

The Close Protection Industry has seen a steady demand increase during recent years and is seen as a highly future proof career by our Close Protection Consultants.

A Close Protection Officer Salary is above the national average in the UK with a rather high ceiling, Close Protection Operatives can earn as much as £400 Per Day.

Another fantastic career option with security is a door supervisor, See our article here on becoming a bouncer in the UK to learn more about this career.

What Is The Role of a Close Protection Officer?

The role of a Close Protection Officer (CPO) or Bodyguard in a nutshell, is to provide physical protection to a principal.

It is a Close Protection Officers duty to protect the principal at all times, An officer will be prevent theft, injury or harm as well as ensuring a principal is not or harassed or threatened. The Close Protection Officer or Bodyguard is also responsible for protecting the property of said principal.

Is It Worth Doing a Close Protection Course?

If you're reading this & are strongly considering a career in Close Protection then it's essential if you have not already to attend close protection courses.

The best close protection courses are designed to provide you with the skills & knowledge needed to become an elite bodyguard. Courses cover various modules such as your roles & responsibilities as a close protection officer, How to assess risk & calculate threats, operational planning and much, much more.

You may find your training easier if you are ex military or police., however the best courses are designed to provide education to Men & Women from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Only once you have successfully completed close protection training can you apply for your SIA Close Protection License.

You might be wondering, How much is a Close Protection Course? Sextant Groups Close Protection Course is £2,999. Due to receiving interest in our students from reputable security agencies, We now offer guaranteed interviews to our students which is why we are proud to state that 88% of our students find employment within 1 Month.

Are you ready to advance your career?

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