Close Protection Consultants

Sextant Group Close Protection Consultants Provide Close Protection & Executive Protection Security Planning & Security Strategy For Clients Both Locally & Globally.

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Close Protection Operatives

Our expertly trained and highly experienced elite close protection operatives work with our clients to create non-intrusive security solutions protecting them from risk by reducing the initial possibility.

We'll provide a consultation to ensure you're partnered with a suitable close protection consultant resulting in a harmonious professional relationship.

Private Security Teams

Our specialist private security team can be stationed at your home as a residential security team providing risk mitigation.

We are able to deploy a team of vigilant close protection officers in real time world-wide. Our security teams have a high degree of experience stemming from various backgrounds with transferable skills before being trained on our renowned close protection courses.

We Offer a Wealth of Risk Management Services

We're a trusted security partner providing a wealth of security services for individuals, families and organisations.

Trusted Close Protection Partners

Veteran-owned global risk management services.

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