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Hire Close Protection Services From an Internationally Renowned Close Protection Agency. Manned by Former Military & Police Personnel.

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World Renowned Close Protection Security Company

Our Close Protection Security Company is built on excellence, manned by elite bodyguards from extensive backgrounds in the British Armed Forces & Police Service.

They are specialists, continuously training both in the UK & Overseas. That's why we're able to provide a world renowned close protection service.

Close Protection Services

As a Global Close Protection Security Company, We can provide risk management and prevention strategies courtesy of our expert Close Protection Consultants.

To carry out these security strategies we can provide an experienced Close Protection Operative & Close Protection Teams.

We can also provide surveillance, Residential Security, Chauffer's & Armoured Vehicles. Our capabilities stretch world-wide making us a smart choice for International Close Protection.

For those wondering, How much does this cost? See our article on how much private security costs in the United Kingdom.

We Offer a Wealth of Close Protection Services

From close protection consulting to residential security, Our global network of security professionals are on hand to to provide the security you deserve.

Trusted Close Protection Agency

We're a trusted security partner providing a wealth of security services for individuals, families and organisations.

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