Cheap Close Protection Courses

We Don't Do Cheap Close Protection Courses, We Do The Best Close Protection Courses. If You're Serious About Advancing Your Career, You're In The Right Place.

Become a Close Protection Operative

We Don't Do Cheap Close Protection Courses

When pursuing a career in private security, Understandably it can be tempting to search for cheap close protection courses. You want the best for your career but don't want to spend your hard earned cash on a course you're not sure will provide the outcome you desire.

We get it, That's why we don't focus on cheap close protection courses. We focus on the latter, Providing you the outcome you desire from taking part in close protection training.

We Do The Best Close Protection Courses

Our close protection courses are the best by design and best by execution. Our course is designed by Former Military and Security Industry Scholars holding decades of priceless experience to bring the you the most in-depth learning.

The aim is to provide you with enough skill & knowledge to implement what you have learned in real world scenarios making you an attractive employment prospect for security firms seeking elite close protection operatives.

Learn more about the skills we teach on our close protection courses in this short article on Close Protection Skills.

77% of Sextant Group Students Get Employed Within 3 Weeks

We're proud to share that 77% of our close protection course students get employed within 3 weeks. (Statistics pulled from our previous close protection courses)

Statistics like the one above show how effective our training is and how attractive of an employee it makes you, Private security firms know students that train with Sextant Group become elite close protection operatives.

It will always be our goal to provide training that oozes excellence. If enrolling on a Sextant Group close protection course is something you would like to do, register your interest.

Our Next Course Is Being Held on October 1st 2022 In Nottingham

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We have a proven track record of transforming people from all backgrounds into exceptional & highly paid security professionals.

Become a Close Protection Operative
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